All non-destructive testings are conducted in collaboration with DGM Industrie within the same group. All our agents are COFREND certified, level 2 and 3.



Magnetic particle inspection :


Mechanical parts control using MPI can detect a fault or a crack on the surface as small as 1 mm depth. This inspection method can be used on used parts as well as new parts. Our MPI test bench is fitted to process 1500 mm long parts with a maximum of 400 mm  diameter. Otherwise, we can conduct this kind of control using portable electromagnetic claws directly on production sites.




P.T. (penetrant testing) :


Penetrant testing is an efficient control method to detect  weaknesses on the surface of steels and alloys. It is indeed one of the oldest testing method, famous for being quick and efficient. We have an immersion tray long enough to fit in 1 meter long parts. In the eventuality of parts that cannot be taken appart, we will conduct the testing on site by spraying the penetrant poducts.




A.C.F.M testing :


A.C.F.M, for « Alternative Courant Field Measurement », is somehow an alternative to MPI. Indeed the principle is to generate a magnetic field thanks to the induction of an alternating current inside the metal part. This magnetic field will be disrupted if in contact with any faults on the structure. This disruption, tracked down by a probe, will show the size of the fault precisely. The advantage of this method is the possibility to use it through a 5 mm thick insulation material or underwater.




Ultrasonic test :


We also conduct ultrasonic tests. This method, based on the echo feedback, allows to detect weaknesses of weld beads on recently welded or used parts. In fact, almost all or mechanized welded frames leaving our boilermaking workshop go through an ultrasonic test conducted by one of our Cofren 3 certified agent.