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Additive manufacturing for prototyping or serial parts


The technological wind pushed 3D printers and the additive manufacturing on the front of the industrial scene in less than 3 years. Create unique pieces for prototypes or start small series of complex parts has never been as easy and inexpensive to make.

Mongin, in constant relationship with prestigious clients, particularly in aerospace, automotive and other high-tech fields, wasted no time to learn about this niche. We already had the skills to create computer parts in 3D. We have therefore invested in different plastic additive manufacturing machines to meet the various demands of our customers. For example, we can achieve parts plastic prototypes in preview of actual manufacture. Allowing our customers to see physically and even test some parts of their mechanical projects. But still, we respond to requests for series production of small plastic parts. The precision and the resistance of the printed parts are awesome !

The additive manufacturing is a complementary know-how to our industrial tool. The areas of application for the additive manufacturing are very wide, so we are dedicated to develop this knowledge do in the years to come.

Machine fleet:

 5 3D printers plastic 300 x 200 x 200

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machine qà fabrication additive


exemples de pèces réalisées par fabrication additive


pièce en fabrication additive pour l'automobile