We deliver ready-to-use, assembled, mechanical projects !


We make mechanical parts from A to Z most of the time. Starting with studies, moving on to welding and machining of the components then assembling them. Our clients have the possibility to receive these ready-to-use parts. We assemble them completely or deliver sub-assemblies, depending on size and logistic constraints. On top of that, we can send our specialists on site to finish assembly and check functioning before production. A lot of our clients trust Mongin to make and implement complex mechanical projects until operational phase.


Examples of finished mechanical sets and sub-assemblies we made and assembled at Mongin :


Réalisation complète et montage d'un outillage commandé par la SNECMA

Complete realisation and assembly of equipment requested by SNECMA



Réalisation et montage d'une plateforme pour une chaine de montage

Realisation and assembly of a platform for an assembly line



    Création et montage d'un outillage de grues pour transporter de grosses pièces par élingues

Creation and assembly of a crane equipment to carry large parts on a sling



Ensemble mécanique pour un client dans l'industrie pétrolière.

Creation and assembly of a centrifuge to simulate earthquakes



Réalisation et montage d'un sous ensemble mécaniquement très précis pour un client pétrolier

Realisation and assembly of a mechanical subset of a drill for an oil industry client



Réalisation et montage d'un outillage destiné à serrer et positionner les pipe à pétrole.

Realisation and assembly of a hydraulic wrench for oil pipes tightening and positioning.