Mongin delivers strong capacity industrial realisations


A 200 years old company !


Located just south of Paris, and more precisely in a town called Grigny, our company has been designing and producing mechanical parts for over 40 years now. But it’s been 200 years that the name Mongin has been registered as a business. At first, we were manufacturing industrial cutting tools ; and even if our company doesn’t offer this specific activity any longer, we’re nevertheless very proud to descend from one of the oldest french industrial companies. Since 2009, Mongin is part of DGM Industrie, which allows us to answer a wider range of request thanks to our complimentarity of skills. We now have the whole creation process covered, from the primary study to the delivery of finished mechanical parts, welded, machined,  assembled, that passed the highest quality control !


A pool of high-performance machines.


We knew how to evolve with the times. Our pool of machines has grown larger and larger these last few years. At Mongin, we’re now in full capacity of delivering complex mechanical parts of all sizes. We can mill parts weighing up to 50 tons. We’re famous for our machining skills amongst prestigious clients in France and abroad, and also for our higly performing boilermaking workshop. Our teams of welders, EN 287 certified, produce frames weighing up to 15 tons with the highest precision.

We’re delighted to be able to achieve your mechanical projects and meeting deadlines is one of our priority. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding any further questions you may have  or to request a quote. Click  here



21500 square feet dedicated to milling, turning and fitting



10700 square feet dedicated to mechanized welded frames