Structure welded / machined and painted

Posté le 8 septembre 2015 par Admin.

Structure welded / complex shapes for design of frames of machines. Different parts are designed to support heavy loads and to have the possibility of handling. When machining these last on our large-sized gantry milling machines, we then get the less than 0.1 mm tolerances.        

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Auger manufacturing

Posté le 2 août 2015 par Admin.

We specialize in the manufacturing of AUGER for deep foundations, these steel tools often belong to of  General construction companies like Bouygues and other public works… These tools are often asked to consolidate the soils to build buildings, they are led to harsh tests, it is important to maintain and strengthen to time son.   […]

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Large mechanical parts machined.

Posté le 20 juillet 2015 par Admin.

Large mechanical parts machined. This mechanical play at summer carried out within our workshop of Grigny. Our industrial business requires method and precision in our sector of activity which is be a « heavy industry » our personal is qualified and done also after machining the work of three-dimensional checks.      

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