industrial mechanical design

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Special machine and industrial mechanical design The MONGIN in Grigny are industrial mechanical design production, but also the study of special machines. MONGIN makes large parts boiler, its structures by welding are also complex with very precise tolerances, machines that are used in our workshop are very sophisticated and require skilled operators. See also Wikipedia […]

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Lift table.

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Tool that allows to load and unload containers inside the workshops of maintenance, warehouses and other industrial site. These can be positioned quickly. Before validating and move to the delivery of the lifting table, we test in charge. All tests have been carried out by our team and then validated in our workshops in Grigny […]

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Structure welded aluminum / machined

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Our workshops are specialized in the machining of aluminium parts. We realized complex forms requested by our customer, chassis-frame types. Using this technique, we get high precision parts.              

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The designers came together in competition to create emulation within the company. The first drawings are done in pencil, then they will be integrated into the computer. We turn then to the transposition into three dimensions of the car interior and exterior volumes, it will visualize projects from all angles. The selected project will be […]

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