Precision mechanical drilling

Posté le 14 novembre 2015 par Admin.

Precision mechanical drilling / large dimension drilling and roder On our milling machines to large porticoes, thanks to adaptations and the development of drilling heads, we are able to achieve: « mechanical precision drilling » diameters 3,937 inch up to lengths 59.0551 inch. See definition follow the Wikipedia link Thanks to our US friends follow the link […]

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Mecano-welded tubular structure

Posté le 9 juin 2015 par Admin.

Our welded structures are the Assembly of profiles and metal tubes or aluminum obtained by welding or by brazing with rigid mechanical functions. These are generally sets which are transferred for machining on our large-sized gantry milling machines. The Mecano-welding, is the possibility to obtain complex parts at lower cost, by Assembly of metal parts. […]

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Welded / Aluminium

Posté le 25 mai 2015 par Admin.

Structure welded aluminium / complex shapes for design of frames of machines. Different parts are designed to support heavy loads and to have the possibility of handling. When machining these last on our large-sized gantry milling machines, we then get the less than 0.1 mm tolerances.            

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Public works vehicles / repair

Posté le 12 mai 2015 par Admin.

We are proud to be able to repair these sets welded belonging to public works vehicles which have suffered serious damage on sites where they work. These rigid pieces of large dimensions, are heated, straightened, so if necessary before be remounted on the machines.          

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