Large dimension boilermaking

Posté le 11 novembre 2015 par Admin.

Design and repair in large dimension boilermaking MONGIN realize very large mechanical parts of heavy boilermaking complex sets are sets of large-scale « 15 tons » also in welding and tubular structure. Example of heavy boiler making parts, they are often used in Public works, but also for sets of special machines of the type « Industrial […]

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Special welded assemblies

Posté le 15 octobre 2015 par Admin.

Special welded assemblies / metal fabrication For some sets of pieces, drawings for mounting are needed, here is a system of special weighing designed for one of our customers. Follow the link Wikipedia for definition See also the link for « Metal working«             

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Large mechanical parts machined.

Posté le 20 juillet 2015 par Admin.

Large mechanical parts machined. This mechanical play at summer carried out within our workshop of Grigny. Our industrial business requires method and precision in our sector of activity which is be a « heavy industry » our personal is qualified and done also after machining the work of three-dimensional checks.      

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Welded / Aluminium

Posté le 25 mai 2015 par Admin.

Structure welded aluminium / complex shapes for design of frames of machines. Different parts are designed to support heavy loads and to have the possibility of handling. When machining these last on our large-sized gantry milling machines, we then get the less than 0.1 mm tolerances.            

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Public works vehicles / repair

Posté le 12 mai 2015 par Admin.

We are proud to be able to repair these sets welded belonging to public works vehicles which have suffered serious damage on sites where they work. These rigid pieces of large dimensions, are heated, straightened, so if necessary before be remounted on the machines.          

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Mecanical bearing welded machined

Posté le 21 décembre 2014 par Admin.

MECNICAL BEARING WELDED MACHINED. The main activities of Mongin are machining of welded parts, here are two subsets with insert of a bronze ring. These are customers, specialized in design for electric drive and more generally for of big machines.  

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