Hoist has adjustable gravity Center

Posté le 19 septembre 2015 par Admin.

Here are tools directed by our care and from a specification of one of our prestigious clients. The goal was to create a system allowing to wear heavy and fragile parts (in phase control) from a hoist, but with the possibility to change the centre of gravity of the door together. So tooling can be […]

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Structure welded / machined and painted

Posté le 8 septembre 2015 par Admin.

Structure welded / complex shapes for design of frames of machines. Different parts are designed to support heavy loads and to have the possibility of handling. When machining these last on our large-sized gantry milling machines, we then get the less than 0.1 mm tolerances.        

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Structure welded aluminum / machined

Posté le 29 juin 2015 par Admin.

Our workshops are specialized in the machining of aluminium parts. We realized complex forms requested by our customer, chassis-frame types. Using this technique, we get high precision parts.              

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Lifting table / testing of TRANSPORT in load.

Posté le 6 mai 2015 par Admin.

The system allows to disassemble and assemble parts and mechanical assemblies of a plane in service maintenance and transport of one workshop to another. These can be positioned quickly. Before validating and move to the delivery of the lifting table, we try in load. See principle below. All tests have been carried out by our […]

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Mecanical bearing welded machined

Posté le 21 décembre 2014 par Admin.

MECNICAL BEARING WELDED MACHINED. The main activities of Mongin are machining of welded parts, here are two subsets with insert of a bronze ring. These are customers, specialized in design for electric drive and more generally for of big machines.  

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